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Wednesday, 10th July 2013

At last the photos and videos have been collated and catalogued, so I can now give a complete account of our epic journey to Monte Carlo and back.

Wednesday 10th was the day we set off. Following the last-minute aircon fix as detailed in an earlier post, Stuart set off down the A1 and A1(M) to Darlington to pick up Andrew and arrived about 20:00. With grandsons Sam and Will safely abed and asleep, we loaded the car, posed for cheesy piccies, then with Andrew at the wheel made our way down to our overnight stop.

201339 Darlo 0
200439 Darlo

Yes, we still have an engine. Note the red klaxon on the right, just behind the headlamp. It proved entertaining …

201756  Darlo 3
201805 Darlo 5

We passed through Nottingham on our way to the Travelodge at Thrussington, just north of Leicester, and were gratified to spot a conveniently-placed Chinese takeaway. The Tung Fong at 666 Western Boulevard was a serendipitous delight.

224130 Tung Fong, Nottingham

After taking on calories we travelled on and arrived at the motel around 11:00. And so to bed.

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