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Tuesday, 16th July 2013

Came the dawn, and Stuart had had a restless night with his own bout of food poisoning, though not as debilitating as had afflicted Andrew. Nevertheless he took the helm to pilot Team 8bit Pair on the penultimate leg of the journey, the dash to Calais which was 250 miles away. Again, not a moment to lose.

We left the B&B and headed out on the D610 to pick up the A26, Autoroute des Anglais, which would take us directly to Calais. Once more it was just a case of cruising along as fast as we legally could to get to Calais by noon or shortly after – the ferry was due to sail at 13:30. We bypassed Reims, where we had been to the F1 circuit at Gueux the previous Friday, and Saint-Quentin where the Rally proper had started. But we had to press on. One thing is worth commenting on. The motorways, although only 2 lanes, usually, were remarkably free-flowing. We only saw roadworks once and were not inconvenienced, and the only stationary traffic was in Lyon.

The A26 swept us right up to passport control on the docks, unlike Dunkirk where we had to pass through the town. Having completed the formalities we arrived at the terminal. The ferry approached …


… and docked.


Once the incoming traffic had disembarked we were allowed on.


As you can see from the picture, we were joined by Team 54 who were also on our outgoing ferry to Dunkirk the previous Thursday (the metallic pale blue BMW next but one behind Sara).

The crossing was millpond smooth and the White Cliffs were a welcome sight.


Having disembarked in Dover it was just a case of retracing our tyre tracks to the M1 and A1(M) and so on to Darlington by 21:00. It had been another long day. We had reached Monte Carlo and we had made it back without major mishap.

Mission accomplished.

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