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Pre-Rally pictures.

Day 1  Friday 12thDay 1 Friday 12th

Rally, Day 1 – 12th July

Day 2  Saturday 13thDay 2 Saturday 13th

Rally, Day 2 – 13th July

Day 3  Sunday 14thDay 3 Sunday 14th

Rally, Day 3 – 14th July

Monday 15thMonday 15th

Monday, 15th July

Tuesday, 16thTuesday, 16th

Tuesday, 16th July


Explanatory presentation:

M1, view south, Thursday 11th July 08:45 –

Over the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at the Dartford Crossing, Thursday 11th July 10:04 –

Driving down into Dover for our ferry, Thursday 11th July 11:16 –

Leaving Dover for Dunkirk – in the ferry’s first-class lounge! Thursday 11th July 14:13 –

We all gather in Saint-Quentin, Friday 12th July 09:27 –

It’s official! We’re off!! Friday 12th July 09:37 –

One team was guaranteed a flying start … Friday 12th July 09:44 –

Climbing to the Great Saint Bernard Pass, part 1, Saturday 13th July 16:18 –

Climbing to the Great Saint Bernard Pass, part 2, Saturday 13th July 16:40 –

Climbing to the Great Saint Bernard Pass, part 3, Saturday 13th July 16:42 –

Climbing to the Great Saint Bernard Pass, part 4, Saturday 13th July 16:43 –

Pause whilst climbing to the Tende Pass, Sunday 14th July 13:43 –

Lost on a goat track, Sunday 14th July 14:09 –

Descent from Tende toward Breil-sur-Roya, Sunday 14th July 14:10 –

Descent from Tende, part 2, Sunday 14th July 14:30 –

Descent from Tende, part 3, Sunday 14th July 14:31 –

Team 8bit Pair approaches the finishing line! Sunday 14th July 17:09 –

Prizegiving at Ma Nolan’s, Sunday 14th July 20:09 –

Bastille Day fireworks display, Nice, Sunday 14th July 22:01 –

Fireworks display, part 2, Sunday 14th July 22:03 –

Fireworks display, part 3, Sunday 14th July 22:04 –

Fireworks display, part 4, Sunday 14th July 22:12 –

Returning to Dover and its White Cliffs, Tuesday 16th July 13:58 –

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