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Well, here we are on Wednesday 10th July and as soon as I post this I’ll be down the A1 to pick up Andrew.

Inevitably, there was a last minute hitch. On Monday in the blistering heat I discovered that the air conditioning was not up to par. “No problem”, said I, “It probably just needs re-gassing”. So off I toddle to HiQ just round the corner and leave it with John. The bad news comes in the subsequent ‘phone call – the condenser is leaking so the refrigerant has disappeared.

It didn’t take much persuasion from Andrew for me to realise that the south of France without aircon would be A Bad Thing. A few frantic calls this morning and I had sourced a new condenser locally and arranged to have it fitted. A quick sprint down the A19 to pick it up from the supplier and an even quicker sprint back to deliver it to Branch Manager Stephen. A few hours later and everything is hunky dory, and off we jolly well go.

I’ve been going to HiQ since 2005 and cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks, lads!


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