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Get Set … (7)

Sara has been spending time with those maestros at Springfield in Gateshead, one of our sponsors. Paul Shield and his team in the Service Department have lavished care and attention on her, and here’s Stuart collecting her this morning:

Springfield handover

Paul reckons she’s in very good shape and as fit as she can be for the forthcoming adventure.

One thing not evident in the picture is out of sight under the bonnet: a powerful klaxon that emits the classic sound of a very early motorcar’s horn – or a diving U-boat.

Team 8bit Pair thanks Paul and his team, not only for their professionalism and hard work, but also for their warmth and enthusiasm in taking us on. When other Citro├źn agents turned us down, Springfield stepped up to the mark. They’re well worth your consideration if you’re thinking of changing your car or if your existing car needs a service. Thanks, guys!

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