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Get set … (4)

We have a team name – “8bit Pair” – and we have car number 88. That’s because the two of us (“Pair”), computer geeks to the max, cut our computing teeth on the old BBC Model B computer (which, though bought in November 1982, I still have) that had the venerable 6502C 8-bit microprocessor at its heart. A “bit” is a Binary digIT, either 0 or 1. So, for example, the letter A is represented by the 8 bits 01000001. Which allows me to trot out that hoary old chestnut “The world is divided into 10 – those who understand binary and those who don’t”.

We’re also fans of the film trilogy “Back to the Future” in which 88 is significant, as in “88 miles an hour!!!” (which we won’t be doing, since we don’t have a flux capacitor). In our case, though, it’s the young one that’s the Doc and the old one that behaves like an adolescent.

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