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Here are some quick links which will take you to the right places to make a donation. Every penny you give will go to these charities (except for any small administration fee charged by the third-party handlers). Team 8bit Pair only facilitates your donation and will not receive any part of it. That’s the way we want it. We’d like you, though, to mention “Team 8bit Pair” when completing the on-line form so we can track how much we raise. Thanks – and dig deep!

Donate to the Marfan Association UK at Charity Choice.
For more information on the Marfan Association UK and what Marfan’s Syndrome actually is, please visit the Website.

Donate to the Ménière’s Society at Just Giving.
For more information on the Ménière’s Society and what Ménière’s disease actually is, please visit the Website.

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