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Day D – The End!

Well, it is with deep regret I have to say that I have not been able to update this blog as regularly as I would have liked. With Internet access only available at the motels in the evening, and with driving, eating and sleeping taking up all that time, it’s just not been possible. I promise to catch up with a full account ASAP.

The good news is that Sara has done us proud and we reached Monte Carlo on Sunday afternoon as planned. Here’s Andrew with Sara parked (very briefly!) outside the Casino.

Sara with Andrew outside Monte Carlo Casino

The Twitter and Facebook pages have been updated far more regularly – several times a day in many cases – as Andrew was able to do techie things from his iPhone. Please see our Contact Us page for links to these feeds.

We’re now (Monday evening) in Troyes and just about to grab a bite to eat before a welcome early night in preparation for the “Channel Dash” for Calais and the 13:30 ferry back to Blighty tomorrow.

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