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Day A: Pre-Rally

This post comes courtesy of the wi-fi connection on the DFDS cross-Channel ferry. I’ve adjusted my watch to French time and we approach Dunkirk with an ETA of 17:00, should the wind stand fair

We rose at an unearthly hour and having checked out of the Travelodge proceeded to the adjacent Little Chef for breakfast – only to find it not only closed but closed down. I suppose the tumbleweed blowing past the front door should have given the game away. Photos will appear in the gallery once we’re on dry land.

We then headed down the M1 for the first available services, then on to the M25 and M20 with the usual delays. I skirt over our little flirtation with the Channel Tunnel.

We left Dover on a grey day but are now sailing into bright sunshine. Our first stop will be the military museum in Dunkirk, simply because the name of the town has such significance to members of my generation but more especially to the previous one.

The super-duper air conditioning has been a worth-while investment already, and hopefully will prove vital in the next few days.

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